Grade 5 Visit to Bayreuth

Grade 5 went to Bayreuth for a week and had lots of laughs and did lots of fun activities.

On Monday, we went climbing at the Kletterwald in Pottenstein, before arriving at the Youth Hostel in Bayreuth.

The next day, 5S and 5W went on a tour of the Neues Schloss, where they learned about Wilhelmine and Friedrich and the royal history of Bayreuth.

5C went to the Leuchtwunderland, where they did a ‘Glow in the Dark Theater Day’. They came back with crazy face paint!!!

We visited the Kunstmuseum (the art museum) and did three different workshops:

  • A tour of the museum
  • Creating shape collages with different kinds of paper
  • Drawing snakes with mood colors

We also watched a movie (which, for now, remains a secret!).

Lila and Leya
Grade 5 Students

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