Grade 2 Facts and Opinions


For the unit on “Facts and Opinions”, the Grade 2 students interviewed Grade 12 students who have been at the school for at least ten years. In regard to the FIS’ 20th anniversary, the Grade 2’s asked them to talk about their time at the school when it was still located in Herzogenaurach. They asked questions like “How did you feel about moving to the new school in Erlangen?” and “What are your favorite memories of your time at the FIS?”

Afterwards, the Grade 2 students wrote me a letter, explaining what the Grade 12’s had told them and comparing the “old school” with the new one in Erlangen, using pictures. On Monday, November 19, they presented their letters and picture collages to Ms. Niemczyk, Deputy Director, and myself. These are just some of the findings:

“The Grade 12s students moved to Erlangen and they felt really really happy and they felt happy to see the new school. (…) The new school grew a lot and got even bigger in 2015 when they opened the new High School building.” – Annie

“Then we found out that students needed to take a tooth brush to school. Because after lunch they had to brush their teeth. I think we should still brush our teeth after lunch.” – Alexandro

“We asked the students about their favorite memories. Some students told us that they liked to go to Hawaii in Grade 1. Grade 2 liked the Fashion Show.” – Yuhi

The Grade 12’s also gave the younger students some advice on being good students.

“Last of all, we asked the students for some advice. They told us to listen to our parents and teachers and to enjoy our time in Elementary School, because it is the best time” – Marcel

Thank you so much Grade 2 for your wonderful letters. Great job! And thank you also to Mrs. Manna.

Kelly Vandermeeren
Communication Officer

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