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I know, at a time like this, it might seem strange to be addressing school sport but I would like to share current information related to GISST activities and events, hoping to be able to get back in action as of next school year.

Please find below the latest updates on the current situation:

GISST: General Info

  • GISST 2019/2020 Season is canceled officially with no future restart.
  • GISST 2020/2021 Fall Season has been canceled in the way of regular tournament competitions, and will be replaced by regional friendly tournaments.
  • Tournament dates previously agreed will remain blocked on calendars so schools can arrange local non-residential invitational based tournaments if restrictions allow.
  • Official GISST Season could restart in January 2021 but the format is still open. Three-month notice required to confirm a tournament.
  • Likely, the 2020/2021 season will consist of friendly optional GISST Tournaments with hostels replacing hosting until circumstances allow otherwise.

FIS: Specific Info

  • If restrictions allow, the FIS sports program will resume beginning of School Year 2020/2021, i.e. as of August 24, 2020.
  • Construction of our new gym should be finished by the end of July 2020, allowing for more training times and space.
  • Proposed structure of the FIS sports program as of next school year includes expansion of the training offer to allow for ongoing training in all sports throughout the school year.
  • Regular training season – same as in the past, with two training sessions per week for the duration of one competitive GISST season (Fall, Winter, Spring) relevant to each particular sport.
  • Prep training season – extended training program during non-competitive time of the year, with one training session per week allowing for preparation, skill development, etc.
  • Expansion of After School Activity Program in line with GISST sports, i.e. a wider offer of training sessions for ES students in Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton.
  • University Pool remains closed during the upcoming Winter semester which will have an impact on our Swimming Program and staff involved. Various alternatives are being considered and information will be shared as soon as possible.

Registration for all GISST activities will open on SchoolBase on the first day of the school year 2020/2021 (i.e. August 20, 2020) and will close on September 15, 2020. Please note that in some sports, only a limited number of participants can be accepted. In case more students are interested, we will run Try-Outs during the first two weeks of the season.

More information, including training and tournament schedule, will soon be published in the Sports section on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful summer break.

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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