Grade 10 Students Explore the Subject of Wellbeing

Besides getting a glimpse into their IB Diploma Programme courses over these final weeks of school, Grade 10 has also been taking a look at topics around social and emotional wellbeing, advocacy, and personal preparation.

In an experiential session on wellbeing, students addressed questions such as: What is the in-group/out-group phenomenon, and why is there a tendency for individuals to have biased compassion more so for those within our “in-groups” than for “out-groups?” What gets in the way, all too often, of extending our “in-groups”—at school and throughout society? What do we need to look out for in order to develop and take care of our individual and collective wellbeing?

The students also had a session to meet their Advisors for next year, where they discussed how they can best set themselves up for success over the next two years of school, as well as the systems set in place at school to support them on this journey.

We’re feeling energized for a great start to the 2020/2021 school year with the new DP cohort!

Michelle Ang
Wellbeing Coordinator

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