G9 Students Present their Tourism Business Proposals

Whilst many of us dream of sunny holiday destinations this time of the year, our Grade 9 Geography students had an opportunity to immerse themselves into the actual business side of the travel and holiday industry. As part of the FIS’s commitment to authentic learning, the students prepared and presented business proposals for tourism resorts. The project lasted for six weeks and required the students to work collaboratively in groups of three to five students, to create a comprehensive business plan that included financials, marketing, HR, corporate social responsibility, and environmental impact assessment.

Our students’ hard work and enthusiasm were evident in their presentations, which showcased great thought and creativity. They had to pitch their tourism resort proposals to internal and external stakeholders Mr. Chambers, Mr. Heinrich, Mrs. Kloha, Mrs. Smith and industry professional Dr. Leib. The students confidently answered questions from potential investors about their marketing strategies, support for local businesses, staff wages and salaries, and procedures in case of environmental disasters.

The evaluators were impressed with the students’ efforts, providing feedback that challenged them to scrutinize every number in their business plan and push themselves further. This feedback highlighted the importance of critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, all of which are essential for success in the real world.

Through this project, our students were given a unique opportunity to engage in authentic learning. They developed their collaboration and communication skills, whilst also gaining real-world experience in a business-like scenario. This type of learning prepares students for success in their future careers and endeavors, and we are proud of our students for rising to the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

We would like to thank everyone who dedicated their time and expertise to our students!

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