G8 Trip to Industriemuseum Lauf

The Grade 8 students visited the Industriemuseum in Lauf on Tuesday, April 25. Ranging from interactive learning opportunities such as the electromagnetic mini-motor building to a guided tour on the history of industrialisation, the students developed engineering skills and discovered the 1950s lifestyle. After learning about valve and grain productions, working conditions and economic implications, they ended with a finale of seeing a real steam engine in action. Throughout the journey, students were supported by tour guides who made the trip enjoyable, safe and informative. A wonderful event for Grade 8 students to remember and cherish!

Ana: “To me, it was a realization. A realization of how much work was put into creating valves to power my favorite car brands.”

Siddhi: “I’m so grateful that we got to have such a wonderful experience! It was packed with knowledge and hands-on activities that we got to enjoy with our friends. Their hot chocolate was also delicious!!”

Kenza: “I loved the recreation of the 1950s vintage lifestyle and the visual aesthetics of it. I was also so fascinated by the steam engine because steampunk is one of my favorite concepts”.

Victoria: “I really enjoyed this visit! My favorite part of the trip was either building a spinning circuit or seeing how people lived in the 1950’s. Everyone was really helpful and informative, and explained all of the attractions in a way that everyone could understand.”

Nika: “Watching the steam engine in action was really cool, and just knowing how it really worked cleared up my childhood thoughts. Also seeing the 1950s vintage lifestyle was the most creative and wholesome thing ever, especially because I love the vintage”.

Suhani: “Seeing what living and working conditions were like in the 1900s during the leaps in industrial progress was very interesting and educational. Seeing the steam engine in action was also very enjoyable and helped me understand the guide’s explanations better”.

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