G7 Camp Adventure in Spitzingsee


Ice cold lake, the feeling of smoke in our eyes. G7 was up to mischief again, to accept the challenges of Camp Adventure.

For five days, G7 went to Spitzingsee (Bayern) and faced innumerable challenges. There, about 25 cows and two fluffy dogs that treated them happily. Right after the first night, the students pushed themselves up to their limits, and even further, to achieve the fun-designed activities and challenging group tasks and team-building games. The newest experience was the mouse trap game. Students had to communicate, to prevent the „mouse“ from stepping in a trap. The seemingly endless hike up the mountain, and down in the pouring rain. But friends and teamers cheer it all up.

The highlight of the week was the Polar Bear Challenge. Going into the freezing lake at 7:30 in the morning. Hilarious reactions and a teeth-chattering contest after. Another highlight was the game „Romeo And Juliet“ lake kayaking edition. Last but not least, the adventure of the unending hike. Uphill for 3-4, got our students trembling and they longed for a good night of sleep. That got interrupted by the amazing clear view of Elon musk’s Starlink satellites.

Each day made for an unforgettable experience. A huge thanks to all the people who made this unforgettable, hilarious, and mischievous trip possible.

Written by: Ella (7B) and Aslesha (7B)

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