“Franky” Frank Wölfel, Learning Assistant and Sports Coach


“I’ve been part of the FIS community for a fantastic six years now, being a full-time part of this community for the last year. Becoming part of the FIS is an interesting story. My love for basketball and my gig as a DJ at a local nightclub came together in a spectacular way. The owner of the club had connections with Ms. Fischer, the FIS’ athletics director, and when she needed a basketball coach, he thought of me. I guess you could say it was a slam-dunk moment for me!

Hence my ride at FIS started with the Basketball Varsity Boys team and we smashed it last year by taking home the GISST tournament trophy. It was an emotional journey for me. I’ve been with two of the incredibly talented kids from the very start, watching them grow and achieve greatness. That’s the kind of magic that happens here! My passion for sports doesn’t stop with basketball. I’ve been in the sports game for ages, playing handball with HC Erlangen and Brooklyn United Handball (TV 1861 Erlangen-Bruck) until a knee injury put me out of the game last year. I am a Snowboard and Tennis teacher too.

Now, let’s talk about my other passion – Music has been a part of my soul forever. DJing started as something I did for myself and a few close pals and it helped to pay my way through college. One night, while DJing at a private party, I was asked ‘Why don’t you spin your magic in my club?’ It was the very same club owner who later put me in touch with Ms. Fischer. Working as a DJ quickly transformed into a full-blown passion and I found myself spinning tracks at various events. I started playing at Adidas gatherings, Siemens functions, weddings, birthdays – you name it! Through my connections in the sports world, I brought the beats to HC Erlangen games too, and now manage the music in the arena during the games. When you have thousands of fans in the arena, the right music can amp up the excitement and motivate the team like nothing else.

The FIS is my second home, and I’m proud to be part of this incredible community. I thrive on the enthusiasm of the kids and the connections we create together. They call me Mr. Franky because, let’s face it, my last name can be a tongue-twister. Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey with me, and let’s keep the energy flowing!”

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