G6 Camp Adventure in Regen


A merry band of 61 G6 students, accompanied by four intrepid FIS staff members, set forth on a grand adventure to the charming town of Regen in the Bayerischer Wald Region. Their mission? To test their mettle, embrace the unknown, and make memories that would last a lifetime.

Imagine the scene: a sun-drenched morning in Regen, with eager students ready to take on the world (or at least a slice of Bavarian wilderness). Many challenges waited to be conquered, one of them was raft building and doing a tour of the lake on their own raft. Armed with logs, barrels, and determination, each grade crafted its own vessel. They put their engineering skills to the test, fashioning one massive raft that would carry a grade downstream. Falling into the cold lake waters (too many people on one side and not enough on the other), and starting again. Trying to maneuver around the lake and realizing they have to paddle in unison to move forward in the right direction. Eventually chanting together 1 2 3 4… and getting the rhythm of paddling.

There was rock climbing underneath a bridge, canoeing, archery, hiking, Rodelbahn, campfire, and sleeping under the stars, each would make for its own story.

Let’s hear from Ferdi, G6B, what he had to say about the trip: “Climbing under a bridge was really special. We climbed up the piers of the bridge, I had done rock climbing before, but this was totally different. Eventually, we were upside down once we reached the arches of the bridge. Afterward, I felt I could do something like this again anywhere else – a sense of accomplishment. The instructors were great and pushed me along, explaining how to protect myself, how to not hurt myself, and how to be safe during the climbing. We did so many fun things. I expected all the teambuilding and having to write down how you feel about your team, and what had been happening. But it was way more action than I expected, totally new and different. We got to know all the new people and understand who is good at what, so we can involve everyone better now.

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