FIS VUCA and Ukraine Refugees Support

We are living in a complex world, one that encompasses a great deal of “discord”. The term VUCA – a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – has been coined to describe this world we live in, and it has been very hard to escape that with the Ukrainian war and COVID. When faced with such broad, global, and complex challenges, it seems very difficult to know where to start in order to meet or address these challenges.

Clearly in education, and most specifically in international education, where all races, creeds, and religions are represented, it is up to us to ensure that we are contributing to a response that addresses these challenges. Over the last three years, many of us have been re-assessing the purpose of education and getting to understand that one of the key ingredients must be to creatively and imaginatively meet these current and future needs and challenges.

There are times when I have reflected on whether it will ever be possible to make a difference on a practical level and day-to-day basis. Over the last three weeks or so, the FIS community has inspired me again. At the FIS, we are developing a new VUCA of vision, understanding, clarity, and adaptability/agility. The reason being is that the only power we possess is the power of our response to any situation that confronts us. The response of our students, colleagues, PTO, and families to raise donations and help with the humanitarian efforts has been overwhelming. Thank you for doing big and small things, in big and small ways.

On Monday, we will begin welcoming 10 students who are transitioning from their homes in Ukraine. Each of the students we will be placing has a unique story and journey that has brought them to our community. Each student has their own unique talents and gifts that will help them to settle and will allow them to be successful in our school and in their new lives in Erlangen. Our PTO will be in communication requesting school supply donations for our new students. A huge shout out to our host families who have opened their hearts and homes. Thanks to our teachers and students who are learning and discussing how to best welcome and support our new students, and to our counselors and section Heads who are guiding the way. It truly is a team effort.

Liam Browne
Head of School

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