Be Seen and Be Safe

Head of School

It seems no time ago I was welcoming everyone to a new school year at the FIS; now the shortening hours of light do remind me that it is about time to write about safety and our collective need to take the steps to keep everyone — students and adults — safe throughout each season. Now that the darker days are coming upon us, I’d like to remind all parents to see that their children are dressed wisely. Please do take time to read these points carefully.

Reflectors, reflective vests, and a variety of other products are available to allow your child to be seen. Remember — not just the small children, but teenagers and parents as well — make sure you augment your winter wardrobes with plenty of reflectors. Adults need to be seen on these dark days as well!

Here are some interesting reflector facts:

  • Reflectors make you visible on 400 m distance if the meeting vehicle has its headlights on, 140 m distance if dimmed lights on, 25-30 m if you do not wear reflective gear.
  • A car driver with 50 km/h speed has only two seconds to spot a walker without a reflector but 10 seconds if the walker wears a reflector.

I would also like to make a special note of the importance of being safely attired while on a bicycle. Both the rider and the bicycle need to possess the correct gear. Not only should the cyclist wear reflective clothing and a helmet, but I’d also like to make a plea that bicyclists leave their ear phones “unplugged” while on their bicycles. The latest tunes or audiobooks may be compelling, but they can also distract the cyclist from hearing essential sounds of traffic that can keep them aware and safe.

Be seen and be safe over the coming months!

Liam Browne
Head of School

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