Developing Core Values Through Football


After the football play during break time had been suspended a while ago, there was a keen interest from all our G3-5 football representatives to develop their football agreements in order to resume the games.

Supported by the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guests Gabby (G8), Christian Leiser (VP BU Football Europe at adidas) and Frank Kramer (professional football player and coach), the group explored how the FIS core values can guide and shape the game of football during break times. Gabby, who plays for SpVgg Greuther Fürth shared how she understands and lives the values as part of her game.

Prior to the discussion, our students had engaged in a collective brainstorming session to gain clarity on how each of the FIS core values could manifest in their football matches. This reflective exercise enabled them to identify and articulate the challenges they encountered while playing the sport.

Our guests, Christian and Frank, then contributed their valuable insights to help craft an agreement for successful football games at school. Their recommendations aligned with the principles of sportsmanship, emphasizing the importance of celebrating victories in a gracious manner, and how mutual respect is the linchpin of any thriving sporting environment.

In the end, it was clear that the team needed to model the five values themselves when playing. The week after the break, students that were invited today, will write the agreement and share it with the group. There will be an assembly at the end of the week for all G3-5 student footballers where students will share what they came up with.

Football games during break time are planned to start again afterward.

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