G9 Spanish Exchange Trip


Recently, our G9 Spanish students embarked on an eight-day trip to Oviedo, Spain as part of a partnership with the Doctor Fleming School. They had the opportunity to reside with local host families, allowing for a firsthand experience of the cultural fabric of the town. The itinerary included visits to prominent landmarks such as the Oviedo Cathedral, the old town, Museum of Mining, Museo del Jurásico, and Museo Bellas Artes de Oviedo, providing the students with a comprehensive cultural and educational experience.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the host families for their gracious hospitality. This trip was a significant opportunity for cultural exchange, enabling the students to gain valuable insights into the social customs and lifestyle of Spain and to practice their Spanish language skills in real-life situations.

Sabirah (David) expressed, ” What was really interesting was to stay with a family of a different culture. It was strange to communicate in a new language initially, but we still managed to communicate very well. One of the best experiences was the game night: at the beginning, we were trying to do it in one language, but eventually we settled on just playing it in our respective languages, so everyone could have a fair chance at winning. Social habits in Spain are very different from what we have in Germany and the rest of central and northern Europe. People are a lot more social, they go out a lot. I also learned that physical touch is a lot more common than in other places.”

Meanwhile, Victoria reflected, “It was really great to see a different country and different cultures. And it was honestly amazing to see a different culture, a different family, a different lifestyle. It is different from what I am used to. They live a totally different life. They go out later, and they are a lot more social; I hugged a lot of people, and it is a very welcoming community. It’s really a nice place to be in.”

Charlotte mentioned that being in a guest family was an eye-opening experience, and her guest family showed her all around Asturias. For Polly, placing herself into a family with completely new people without familiar faces and still being sociable, was a big learning. And the hike was the best bit for Sophia, as she learned about the experiences people had in the past, see Asturias and talk to different people.

We are immensely proud of the students for their enthusiasm and open-mindedness throughout the trip. Their positive attitude and eagerness to learn about different cultures exemplify the spirit of our school community.

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