Conservation biology research expedition to Transylvania July 2018


This is the first call for all students currently in Grades 10 to 12 who are interested in collecting data that could be used for IB Internal Assessments and Extended Essays while simultaneously learning more about wildlife conservation, biological field-work and ecology in one of Europe’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Operation Wallacea (, a British organization founded by former conservation biologist Dr. Tim Coles, provides High School students with the opportunity to participate as summer research assistants to biodiversity research teams working at a series of sites around the world.

This year, the FIS has been invited to send a group of up to 10 students and one teacher to work for two weeks with scientists in Romania. At this spectacular site, students will have the opportunity to help collect data on either bird, amphibian, reptile or small mammal populations. To learn more about this opportunity, attend the parent information session on Thursday, 7 September at 18.00 in the FIS I Conference room or contact Ms. Schorb via email  for more details. We hope to see you there!

Natasha Schorb
HS Science Teacher

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