A New Year and New Overtures


The FIS Performing Arts department extends a very warm welcome to everyone and we look forward to seeing lots of exciting performances throughout the coming year.

FIS Instrumental Program offerings for 2017/2018

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent’

Participation in music has long been recognised as a way for students to try to master new and challenging skills, build friendships with their peers, be creative and enhance their personal confidence through public performance. Everyone has the potential to learn a musical instrument. It is a rewarding and life changing experience for people of all ages.

Private music tuition offers FIS students the opportunity to learn an instrument at school and to participate in school ensembles.The FIS private music tuition will commence in September. A large number of students have already enrolled in the private tuition program for the start of this new school year. Please contact Karin Lee by email at if you require further information. You may also find more information about the program under Instrumental Program.

Tuition is available on the following instruments Violin, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Brass and Voice. Other instrument tuition may be available depending on demand.

  • Piano
    Sophie Walker
    Christine Kulisch
    Susanne Dobel
    Matthias Göbel
  • Flute
    Heike Yates
  • Guitar
    Matthias Lohwasser
    Oliver Franzmann
    Jens Ziener
    André Simão
  • Drums
    Alex Drab
  • Violin
    Anna Möllers
    Sally Becker
  • Brass
    Christine Harris
  • Vocals
    Paula Caixeiro
    David Seay

Nevann Hardwick
HoD Performing Arts

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