Class of 2019 Connects with Class of 2030!


“Believe in yourself, no matter what!”
“If you feel lonely, take deep breaths and think of me!”
“Help the world!”
“If you want to be a teacher, be a teacher. You can do ANYTHING!”

These are a few quotes from notes that the Grade 1 students wrote to encourage their Grade 12 buddies for their next adventure.

The Grade 12 students hosted the Grade 1s for a meet-and-greet to make a connection, talk life and de-stress at this turning point in their lives. These students were given advice on how to relax during their “Big Test”.

“Trace your hand and take 5 deep breaths”, Filippo, age 7, told Aryan, age 18. Students from Grade 1 wished that the afternoon would not end. They loved sharing their wisdom of self-regulation and going for your dreams to their new friends.

Following the connection that was built, our Grade 1’s decided to write their Grade 12 buddies cards to hand over at the High School assembly. It was a great moment of surprise for the Grade 12 students to see their little buddies come on stage to hand them their letters and drawings they made especially for them as a keepsake as they leave the FIS.

Alva, age 6, ended the assembly with, “We wish you luck on your new adventure!”

Enjoy the good wishes and notes of encouragement from our Grade 1 students.

Jessica Hertz
1H Homeroom Teacher

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