Advent Café at the CAS Christmas Market


This year’s Christmas Market was one of the best we ever had!

We wish to congratulate the CAS student team who organized and managed it so nicely. Another big thank you goes to CAS Coordinator Scott Simpson, who has done such a great job in leading his CAS teams with great results as shown at this year’s Christmas Market. We were also very happy to find out that the students had a stall using the robots we donated to the IT Department last year.

It was a great opportunity for all to see the fruits of our work in action and how the support of the community can largely contribute to enhance the curriculum of our children in a positive and learning supporting way.

Thank you dear parents, students and staff for the time and goodies you donated for the Advent Café, it rounded up the enjoyable and “christmassy” atmosphere!

Dominique Vermeulen
PTO Board

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