CAS Christmas Market


Once again, the High School CAS students showcased their abilities in organisation and coordination with each other building on their successes from last year. The CAS Christmas Market 2018 was student led, with minimal support from myself. The Events Committee led by Grade 12 student Lukas Leksell successfully coordinated the CAS Christmas Market to a larger scale than last year. Many of the students enhanced their communication, decorating, marketing and organisation skills over the last 3 months in the run up to the Market.

One student of the Events Committee reflected with “… teamwork is shown to be the greatest tool to success. By working collaboratively, there was an equal division of responsibility and this allowed for lesser amounts of stress and quicker problem solving.” Many parents and staff have given positive feedback to the Events Committee, which has been passed onto them. I’m very proud of their achievements and individual personal growth as well as the amount of commitment that the Events Committee gave to this large event.

As a result of their efforts the total amount raised was almost 2000 Euros, approximately 75% more than 2017, not including the funds raised by the PTO! Once again a huge thank you to the PTO for their continued support and to the Events Committee for such an enriching experience.

Scott Simpson
CAS Coordinator

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