adidas / FIS Partnership


During School Year 2015/2016, the IT Department at adidas approached the FIS Physical Education Department to request aid in helping them collect fitness data. The reasoning behind the request was to support the development of a new adidas heart rate monitor.  An agreement was made to have the adidas “Tech Team” visit the FIS and collect heart rate data while students performed a variety of physical activities. It was exciting for the students, as they were to be the first people ever to test adidas’ prototype devices. After over a year of development, the data collected from our active FIS PE students, significantly aided in the production of the state-of-the-art IHT Spirit System.

A development representative from adidas USA recently visited the FIS to hand over a complimentary set of heart rate monitors. FIS Physical Education and Sport Science teachers can use these in the teaching and learning of our students. This recent partnership has been very successful for both adidas and the FIS. The FIS PE Department hopes to continue to work with adidas on fitness and health-related projects.

Adrian Haug
HS Dean of Students

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