A Poem in a Pocket Day in Grade 1

Poems from a rainbow’s perspective, poems asking people to stop cutting down trees from the point of view of a wild tiger, and several other poems were created, drafted, revised, edited, and finally shared by the Grade 1 students this week. We celebrated our inquiry into animals and their habitats through poetry.

Earlier, we had realized that people are contributing to destroying our favorite animals’ homes. So we thought we could raise awareness through poems for our community to make simple changes that will help our favorite animals and their habitats. We worked together with some students from Grade 5 to come up with solutions to the issues our habitats are facing.

Here are some of our tips:

  • Live in old homes so that more forests are not cut down
  • Use paper and cloth bags
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Eat fruit and vegetables for snacks, they have a natural wrapper
  • Ride your bike as often as possible

Once our poems were ready, we decided to share them with the FIS community through a “Poem in a Pocket” Day. All of the Grade 1 students wore their poems around their necks in a pocket. Teachers, parents and students would ask them to read their poems. It was a great way to share our learning and hard work!

Thank you to everyone in the community who took the time to listen and celebrate Grade 1’s learning.

Grade 1 students

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