20 Random Facts about the FIS

  1. One of the former buildings of the FIS, where the Middle School and Grade 9 were located, was a former convent for nuns.
  2. The first FIS Student Council was founded in the school year 2002/2003.
  3. The ground-breaking ceremony for the school building in Erlangen happened in March 2007.
  4. The FIS was the first school world-wide which received all three accreditations: Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
  5. Over 50.000 books can be checked out from three libraries.
  6. In school year 2010/2011, the FIS had for the first time more than 500 students.
  7. FIS students had the opportunity to meet famous sport celebrities such as French soccer player and coach Zinedine Zidane, four-time Olympic medal winner and runner Ato Bolden, German soccer star Matthias Sammer, triathlete Joey Kelly, handball teams THW Kiel and HC Erlangen, basketball team Brose Bamberg and players of the soccer team Greuther Fürth.
  8. The FIS became a Siemens Partner School in 2010.
  9. Field trips took FIS students to Romania, Morocco, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, the UK, Hungary, Croatia and to many parts of Germany.
  10. The first Spanish exchange to Oviedo took place in the school year 2004/2005.
  11. Since 2009, 257 students have graduated from the FIS.
  12. The FIS has bright and colorful facilities, i.e. eleven different shades of green can be found on our walls.
  13. 26 school buses drive for the FIS.
  14. Currently, we have 250 students at the FIS who learn English as an additional language. Only 193 students at the FIS have English as their home language.
  15. So far, the FIS has won 16 sportsmanship awards at GISST events.
  16. The Nürnberg Christkind visited the FIS in December 2012.
  17. There are 185 iPads available for FIS students.
  18. As of today, students of 98 different nationalities have attended the FIS.
  19. The FIS Kindergarten, our Early Years Program, opened in January 2000.
  20. Today, the FIS has 178 employees.
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