Trendy Teddies


For the past few weeks in the Fashion Exploratory, we had been diving deeper into hand stitches and developing planning and sewing skills. We did this by creating our very own stuffed animal. This was a very fun project that taught me how to do the blanket stitch, overcasting stitch and cross stitch. First, we started by designing our plush. Mine was a cross between a squid and a jellyfish. Next, we wrote down the steps needed to construct it. Last but not least, we picked out a fabric from the large range of swatches donated by adidas. Then we tread our needles and got to work.

We first sewed on the embellishments such as eyes and faces. Then we sewed them together using either the blanket stitch or overcasting stitch. Next, we created any extra garments (such as capes or hats). Afterwards, we reflected on our piece using the feelings, facts, puzzles and promises reflection.

We are looking forward to our next project where we will be using the sewing machines to sew masks for the FIS community.

Lois Phillipson
Grade 6 Student

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