The Magic Toymaker: Grade 1 Activity


The Magic Toymaker employed the Grade 1 students while he was on holiday and we want to tell you what he has taught us about design and construction.

First of all, he reminded us of our responsibility to look after our planet by not buying and using new materials but rather upcycling our leftover packaging. We all were super creative and made many toys such as marble runs, card games, checkers, puppets, volcanoes, and telescopes. We enjoyed playing with them!

Then, the Magic Toymaker wrote us a rhyme to ask us to make a spinning toy. He also insisted that we planned very carefully first. This taught us the importance of design, material choice, construction methods and design features. It made us much more attentive to our construction.

We were so successful with this task that we were able to sell some of our spinners at the FIS Christmas Fair, last weekend! Maybe you were lucky enough to get one. We had a range of colorful designs, all made from upcycled materials. Our quality control checkers had great fun testing these toys before sale. We made EUR 40 altogether, which means each class can buy a toy to keep and take through school with them.

In Outdoor Learning, the Magic Toymaker also inspired Mrs. Andrews to teach us some old school games such as Marbles, Tin Can Alley, Elastics, and clapping games. We think the teachers enjoyed these lessons more than the children! They brought back lovely memories!

We will miss the Magic Toymaker greatly but the skills he’s taught us will stay with us forever!

Thank you, Magic Toymaker!

Grade 1 students

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