Supporting Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

We extend our deepest sympathy at this dark hour to all our Ukraine community as they anxiously await word from friends and family. Also in our thoughts are members of our community from the entire region, whose families, lives and livelihoods are affected by the escalating tension and violence.

The Franconian International School stands in solidarity with those who cherish democracy and peace, and we will undertake a process of engagement with our community members from this region to discuss and explore ways to activate our support.

Our first priority is always our students and families. We are looking at resources and means to support their wellbeing at this time. Our counselors are directly involved and are also sharing resources with colleagues. This conversation with our Head of Wellbeing also explains our approach to dialogue with students on the issue.

What is happening is violent, and our proximity to events through social media is unprecedented. With the war in Ukraine at the moment, there are heightened levels of anxiety amongst some students who are receiving information both from traditional media sources and social media.

As a school, we considered how best to channel our willingness to help with the humanitarian effort. In this, we will raise donations and channel them through UNICEF. Our students and staff are working on opportunities to realize this over the coming days.

We are also liaising with the City of Erlangen to determine what else may be needed. This may include volunteer teaching and use of school facilities after school hours. The City of Erlangen will guide us further in this.

We have received requests to take Ukrainian students as a direct result of the war. The Schulamt Erlangen communicated that such students are not to be taken in by schools until their legal status is confirmed. As of now, such students would not be permitted to attend schools in Germany until their residence status has been determined. The authorities may speed up this process over the coming weeks given the pressing need. We are receptive to such requests but must ensure that we are following all legal requirements and will be discussing this further with our board.

The above is neither extensive nor exhaustive. With the increasing number of displaced people and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, we realize more will need to be done and we are of course most willing to do it.

Liam Browne
Head of School

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