Student Council: FIS Student “Think Tank”


After careful consideration and through constructive discussions with FIS High School students, the High School Student Council has been restructured. As a more progressive move a new committee called “FIS Student Think Tank” has been formed starting this school year. This is a voluntary committee that focuses on asking questions, probing into issues, polling students (surveys) and strategic planning. Each member, a “Deep Thinker”, supports the Think Tank by participating in a CAS group which has been developed to support High School development objectives. The committee is also connected to the FIS Think Tank Jr., which is meeting in the Middle School. The Think Tank hopes to collaborate in thought with SLT, staff, alumni, PTO and other community members to share insight and additional perspectives. It is my pleasure to supervise this ambitious, enthusiastic and wholly voluntary group in tandem with Mr. Simpson who also coordinates the actions of the supporting CAS groups.

FIS Student Think Tank “Deep Thinkers”:

Sophia Efimtceva, Mark Sharpe, Felix Dimaczek, Leon Staufer, Ojas Mandlekar, Leonie Sauer, Leanna Frasch, Rebecca Lowack, Andrew Setera, Amelie Schneck-Schatz, Behsad Riemer, Kiara Nothhaft, Elisabeth Augsten, Samraj Nadkarni, Maximilian Lampen, Nicholas Kraabel, Tarik Scheffler, Erik Hartzo

Student Mentoring

Last school year, Ms. Ang and I provided mentoring training to fourteen Grade 10 students. Through profiling based on student interests, each Mentor has been given a small group of Mentees (3 to 5) to support. The Mentors provide the Grade 9’s with both a connection to knowledge and experience of the FIS High School as well as an older peer who is genuinely interested in their well-being. These new mentoring relationships will hopefully provide our Grade 9 students with an additional and invaluable piece of support as they transition into the High School. Our new Grade 11 Mentors have done a wonderful job so far as role-models, guides and student advisors for their Mentees.

The Grade 11 Mentors:

Rhys Thomas, Gabrielle Chaveriat, Julian Fabig, Leonie Sauer, Kim-Lea Schubert, Jane Liu, Franziska Knothe, Johanna Weber, Alissa Jamieson, Jasmine Deva, Isabelle Koutny, Anru Yang, Ojas Mandlekar, Aaryan Agrawal

If you have any questions about the FIS Think Tank or would like to be a “Guest Thinker”, please contact me at .

Adrian Haug
HS Dean of Students

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