Speakers Confirmed for the Next Director’s Symposium


Sports, Wellbeing and Life Skills – How Athletes“Tick” and What We Can Learn for Education

Join us for a fun and inspiring evening on Tuesday, February 12, at 19:00, as we explore the links between sport and learning in an interactive exchange with accomplished athletes including:

  • Felix Dimaczek – FIS alumni and tennis player
  • Pierre Stöth – FIS Facilities Manager and Ironman triathlete
  • Duncan Woods – South African water polo team captain
  • Kate Woods – South African three-time Olympian in field hockey
  • Nikos Zisis – Greek Olympian and Brose Baskets Basketballer
  • Thomas Egerton – Keen sportsman.

Board member Andrew Walker will be guiding us through the evening as we gain insight on questions like:

  • How does sport impact our daily lives?
  • What do we do when faced with the temptation to cheat or dope?
  • How do we deal with what’s written about us in social media?
  • What role does technology play in sports and education?
  • How do we handle setbacks like injury and failures?
  • What can the FIS learn from the world of sports?

Come to the school Aula to meet some very interesting personalities and share your own experiences. Doors open at 18:30. They’ll be refreshments and finger food, too. To get the numbers right for our catering, we need you to RSVP.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Tom Egerton

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