School Lunch


The food and drinks served and sold in the cafeteria and the Kiosk contain as little sugar as possible. However, we do observe that students who bring in their own lunch from home are often equipped with sweet treats and share those with their friends. As nice as it is to share we would like to ask of the parents to not send in sweets for lunch or snack. We often see that students will just nibble on sweets rather than finishing their meal.

About five years ago, the decision was made to remove all microwaves in the Cafeteria. The decision-making process consisted of careful evaluation with the inclusion of parents, students and staff over several months. We continuously observed the unsafe use of the microwaves, the use of unsuitable containers and the high consumption of convenience, fast-food products. We believe that it is extremely important for our students to have a healthy and nutritious lunch every day and our aim is to support and improve everybody’s well-being. Microwaves for the use through students do not fit into this concept.

If you would like to send in a warm lunch with your child, you can use flasks to keep food hot for the few hours until lunch break. We see students using them and they work well!

Parents are invited to try the hot lunch served in the cafeteria any time if they would like to sample it.

Hannah Bauer
School Nurse

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