School Lunch Coaching – Summary


During the course of this school year, a group of teachers, parents, cafeteria staff, admin staff and the school nurse has been focusing on the FIS school lunch. We had been fortunate enough to be accepted for the school lunch coaching project offered by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. During regular meetings with our external coach, Frau Lorenz, a nutritionist, different aspects of the school lunch were looked at.

Slight changes in the cafeteria, like changing the location of cups and water jugs, have improved the flow of students during meal times.

The times of bake sales were discussed and moved to the afternoon to allow students to enjoy lunch first and not fill up with sweets before their main meal. Parents were also asked to refrain from sending sweets in with their children as we would like to reduce the consumption of sugar.

Students had the opportunity to participate in the Lunch Puzzle and choose one meal per classroom. These choices were successfully included in the lunch menus over the last couple of months.

A group of parents visited the cafeteria to sample lunch and came up with a number of questions and ideas for improvement. Thank you for this feedback! We would like to emphasize that parents are continuously invited to visit and eat.

There is still room for changes and improvement and the committee has many valuable ideas for further increasing the acceptance of the FIS lunch. These ideas will be discussed next school year as the committee members have agreed to carry on with this task.

During our last meeting with Frau Lorenz this week she highlighted one thing in particular: the composition and quality of the meals served in the cafeteria are absolutely excellent! In the initial check according to the guidelines of the German Nutrition Society the meals already scored 13 out of 14 possible points! The only adjustment necessary would be an increased offer in fish dishes.

We would like to congratulate Doris Fiedler, our Head of Cafeteria, and her team and would like to thank them for their never-ending effort in serving delicious meals!

Hannah Bauer
on behalf of the School Lunch Committee

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