Living things sensational senses


We are learning about how living things experience the world around them. We have learned through research that living things have different senses. For example, bees smell through their antena, venus fly traps sense touch, dolphins and bats use echolocation to see, snakes hear vibrations with their jaws, electric eels have an electric touch, and squirrels see in slow motion.

After we researched, we used the Writing Cycle to share our learning through poems. Finally, we will share our poems in a poetry cafe with all of Grade 1 students.

Our favorite parts of learning about our sensational senses and poetry was…

making the mask of my living thing. – Tuna

editing and revising my poem to make it better and better. – Charlotte

stretching my brain to write my poem. – Lione

sharing my poem on Chatter Pics and learning to read my poem like a storyteller. – Sahasyan

organizing the information I learned from my research on a poster. – Cassie

Jessica Hertz
Grade 1 teacher

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