Parking and Traffic at the FIS


General Traffic and Parking Regulations

We have between 60 – 80 cars and more than 20 buses dropping students off in about a twenty-minute period. It is a busy yet organized period, during which we need our community’s commitment to obey the general traffic regulations and those specific to the school.

  • The speed limit outside school on Marie-Curie-Str. is 30 kmph.
  • There are designated bus parking places on Marie-Curie Str in front of the school.
  • Please be aware that parking in front of the school is not permitted during drop-off and pick-up hours, as this is a designated bus stop. Cars using this are resulting in buses being backed up on Röthelheim Allee and students being late for school.
  • If you wish to escort your child to school please use the school carpark and not the space in front of the school. This is not a drop-off point for cars. It is also possible to drop students off near the climbing tower at Helene-Richter-Str. From there, students can easily walk across the supervised pedestrian crossing to the FIS.
  • Please let students exit on the passenger side only please for safety.
  • Please be careful of pedestrians and cyclists when entering and exiting the car park.
  • If you are dropping your children off in front of the school, please do obey the traffic signs and do not illegally or double park for however quickly.
  • Please stress the importance to your children of using the designated pedestrian crossing (crosswalk). A FIS staff member is there to stop traffic. Children should not cross the street at any other point. Parents likewise please model this for your children.
  • Parents, we would appreciate you using this supervised crossing area to help reinforce good habits with our students.
  • Please do not park in a private car park and block the entrances to car parks. Our neighboring business has informed them they will take photos of car number plates and report them to the police. Waiting to turn in here also results in cars and buses being backed up onto Röthelheim Allee.
  • The areas adjacent to the gym are designated as emergency access points and must be kept clear at all times. Parking in this area not only inconveniences other users of the car park but is also against our school’s regulations and local laws.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation in respecting these rules for the safety and smooth operation of our community. Your adherence to these guidelines ensures a safer environment for all.

Reflective Gear during Fall and Winter

During Fall and Winter, it is especially important to dress wisely. Reflectors, reflective vests, and a variety of other products are available to allow your child to be seen. Remember–not just the small children, but teenagers and parents as well—make sure you augment your winter wardrobes with plenty of reflectors. Adults need to be seen on these dark days as well!

Here are some interesting reflector facts:

  • Reflectors make you visible at 400 m distance if the meeting vehicle has its headlights on, 140 m distance if dimmed lights are on, 25-30 m if you do not wear reflective gear.
  • A car driver with 50 km/h speed has only two seconds to spot a walker without a reflector but 10 seconds if the walker wears a reflector.

We would also like to make a special note of the importance of being safely attired while on a bicycle. Both the rider and the bicycle need to possess the correct gear. Not only should the cyclist wear reflective clothing and a helmet, but I’d also like to make a plea that bicyclists leave their earphones “unplugged” while on their bicycles. The latest tunes or audiobooks may be compelling, but they can also distract the cyclist from hearing essential sounds of traffic that can keep them aware and safe.

Be seen and be safe over the darker months!

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