Nurturing Values: G2 Students Inspiring Learning Walk


Tuesday marked a day of exploration and self-discovery for our G2 students. In groups of four and accompanied by a dedicated educator, they embarked on the first Learning Walk at the Primary School which focused on the FIS core values.

Each group’s journey commenced with spirited discussions about the nuances of how values like belonging and caring could be expressed in a classroom. These discussions served as a springboard for the students to engage in a more profound understanding of the interplay between values and the day-to-day dynamics of their learning environment.

The groups ventured into various classrooms, assuming the role of keen-eyed observers of the values in action. They then recorded their observations, documenting how these values manifest themselves in the fabric of the school’s bustling atmosphere.

At the FIS, our core values are the cornerstone of behavioral development and a nurturing school environment. They serve as guiding principles, shaping the moral compass of our future leaders and fostering a community that thrives on inclusivity and mutual respect. The Learning Walk showed our students how important these values are for making our school a happy and friendly place where we all feel like we belong.

In the afternoon, an assembly served as a platform for introspection, where the groups took a moment to share their experience with their fellow students. In the end, each student was asked to decide on one of the FIS core values, they would like to be better at. Everyone also wrote down a goal and how they plan to achieve this.

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