Autumn Music Concert


Right before Fall break, the FIS community celebrated the Autumn Music Concert. Austin (G10), the co-host for the concert, shares his experience:

“Being in this school for just a year, one of the most memorable experiences I had were the music concerts. I always loved the idea of playing together where our emotions carry the way we play and enjoy doing what we love and I was proud to be the co-host for this year’s Fall Concert. It was nothing short of amazing. The auditorium was filled with a palpable sense of excitement as students and parents eagerly gathered to celebrate the talents of our school’s performers. The evening was a vibrant tapestry of rhythm and harmony, with each act bringing their unique palate to the stage. From the delightful melodies of the piano to the electrifying beats of the bass and electric guitar, every performance showcased the dedication and hard work that had gone into months of practice. The applause was thunderous and the atmosphere was simply amazing. It was a night when the school community came together to celebrate the arts, and it was a resounding success, leaving everyone in awe with memories of an extraordinary evening filled with talent.”

The highlight of the evening was the graduation ceremony, where students were celebrated for their musical journey through the listening journals, marking a significant milestone in their artistic growth.

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