Dear FIS Parents,

We are Grade 1, we have a message for you:

After our inquiry into healthy eating, we have realized that we don’t only need to eat healthy food to stay strong and healthy, but we also need to stop eating food wrapped in plastic. The food wrapped in plastic is not as healthy for us as loose fruit, vegetables, nuts, and bread. The food wrapped in plastic is bad for the environment because plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose.

We did an experiment by putting our waste from our snack boxes in jars filled with dirt and worms. We observed them for 2 weeks. The jars with food and/paper in them changed a lot. In some jars the food and paper totally disappeared! The jars with plastic in them didn’t change at all. The plastic just got dirty. This made us realize that food and paper decompose with the help of worms into nutrients for plants. The plastic just piles up!

Our playground has SO much plastic on it from our snacks. We collected data on how many snacks had plastic in them and how many didn’t. 45 had plastic and 15 had no plastic. We hope after our flyers we passed out on Thursday, this letter to you, and our videos about how to pack healthy snacks will help our plastic in our snack boxes. We will let you know what we find out in a month. Remember most fruits and vegetables, nuts, and bread come in their own wrapper! There is no need for plastic. Pack healthy snacks for your child and for the world! NO MORE PLASTIC!

Grade 1

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