Jessica Davey, Head of Secondary School

“My musical journey started in Grade 3 when I picked up the violin. Within a year, I had been introduced to the allure of the viola, an instrument that has since become an integral part of my life. At the same time, I enjoyed the world of choral singing, participating in choirs throughout school and university. From playing in ensembles during every break, lunchtime and holiday while I was at school, to joining the Kammerorchester Erlangen and singing in the Siemens Choir, my passion for music has been a constant in my life.

What captivates me most about music is the profound experience of being part of a musical ensemble. I find solace in the creation of harmonies, embracing the role of supporting melodies rather than seeking the spotlight. The viola and singing alto are perfect for my desire to contribute to a collective sound, becoming part of something greater than myself.

Music is not just about playing the right notes; it’s about collaboration and teamwork. I learned invaluable skills, such as active listening, punctuality, and preparedness. Arriving early for rehearsals is not just a matter of courtesy but a fundamental aspect of being a committed team player. These principles of commitment and cooperation translate seamlessly into my responsibilities as a Head of Secondary School.

I devote one evening each week to orchestra rehearsals and another to choir rehearsals, with occasional Saturday sessions. The culmination of countless hours of hard work is showcased through approximately three concerts each year. Currently, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to perform in the splendid Marmorsaal in Pommersfelden, an experience that promises to be both memorable and enriching.

Reflecting on my musical journey, I understand the challenges of maintaining a dedication to an instrument while managing the demands of school. However, I wholeheartedly encourage young musicians not to give up. The skills acquired through learning an instrument are invaluable later in life, fostering discipline, creativity, and perseverance. If the opportunity arises, I urge them to take lessons now, as time may become limited in the future. Additionally, joining musical groups provides a unique chance to develop ensemble-playing skills that can be immensely rewarding and shape one’s musical journey.”

Watch Jessica Davey play in the Sommerkonzert in Pommersfelden!

Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15, at 19:00 in the Marmorsaal at Schloss Weissenstein.

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