Individuals and Societies – Natural Environments


MYP3 (Middle Years Programme 3) students have been exploring a range of different biomes as part of their Natural Environments Module, aiming to explore and understand how human relationships with the environment affect the sustainability of ecosystems. To get to this point students explained the different factors that impact climate and what these climates look like on climate graphs for their chosen biome.

Moreover, each student wrote a letter to outline the equipment needed for a trip to the biome that they decided to showcase. Such exploration of natural systems and cycles helps us to get a better understanding of the world around us and hopefully, the MYP3 students can help with packing for the next holiday based on their understanding of climate. Whether that is German ski resorts or a beach holiday in Spain.

These biome boxes were used as a starting point for discussions about Global Goal 13 – Climate Action. We have been reflecting on what we can do as individuals within our communities to reduce the impact that our lifestyles have on local environments. MYP3 students identified many local issues ranging from plastic waste, car emissions and using oil-powered heating systems.

Meanwhile, their actions consist of reducing the amount of meat consumed, commuting to school by bicycle and turning off lights when they are not in use. Hopefully, with the different school service groups, we can see more of these actions in our school and local communities.

Mr. Simpson, Ms. Nikolova and Mr. Manna

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