Hour of Code 2018


December 3 to 7 is Computer Science Week and we have organized another Hour of Code event during students’ breaks. This week is all about promoting computational thinking and problem solving through coding. Students can come to the IT help desk during lunch and breaks to try coding their own apps and robots. You can choose to join your children at home, or try one yourself by doing an Hour of Code and completing activities at code.org! There are more than 20 activities so there is something for everyone.

In addition to code.org and Code Academy, here are some of the apps we use for programming at school which you might like to download and try at home:

  • Daisy the Dinosaur (Early Years to Grade 1)
  • Scratch Jr. (Early Years to Grade 3)
  • Lightbot (Elementary School to Middle School)
  • Hopscotch (Grade 4+)
  • Swift Playground (Grade 4+)
  • MIT App Inventor (Middle to High School PC software to create Android Apps)

Allen Lindblad
Director of Educational Technology

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