Hemmersbach Virtual Reality days at the FIS


Hemmersbach will conduct Virtual Reality Days at the Franconian International School (FIS) in Erlangen between Tuesday, 21 and Thursday, 23 February. Hemmersbach will provide Grade 5 students the opportunity to dive into virtual reality and experience true immersion into some of the topics they are studying at school.

As a global IT service provider headquartered in Nuremberg, Hemmersbach sets high standards and is enthusiastic about the latest tools and applications.

Virtual reality opens a wide range of new possibilities and can only serve to broaden ones imagination because it is the future. Hemmersbach wants to assist in providing young people with the opportunity to learn about this exciting equipment so they are able to get a grasp of its seemingly limitless possibilities and begin to image what positive impact they could make on the world with this technology. Both the FIS and Hemmersbach want to make younger generations as excited about the present and future as we are!

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