Graduation Deco Team needs your help


As part of the decoration for this years Grade 12 Graduation, the decoration team needs hanging ivy and a lot of small glass bottles in a particular size.

If you have a lot of free hanging ivy or trailing ivy which you would like to donate for decoration, please get in touch, we would love to collect it. Unfortunately, ivy from tree trunks or ivy growing along the ground is not suitable.

The small bottles we are looking for, are usually used for smoothies. They are 14 cm tall and the circumference is 19 cm. The photos attached show the shape that is needed. If you use any of these bottles, please donate your empty bottles to us. There is a collection bag in the High School Library and even if they are not washed that is no problem.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Brigid Feeley
Graduation Decoration Team

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