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The Magic Club

In this club, you will learn card and coin magic tricks covering techniques like card control, palming, misdirection etc.

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Bluegreen Environmental Action Club

This group will focus on a cycle of learn-plan-act to produce informed, impactful, visible and fun green initiatives and campaigns that target and involve the school community and perhaps beyond.

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FIS Band

The FIS band is the place for all Grade 5 to 12 instrumentalists! All brass, woodwind, percussion and keyboard instruments are welcome in this group.

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Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fun way to get active and promotes concentration. We will play practice games as well as organize tournaments.

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Model United Nations

MUN, or Model United Nations, is a student-led club that simulates the Model United Nations. Delegates, or members, are assigned countries that they represent in debate with other countries about a set topic, coming up with a resolution for it.

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Kung Fu (Shaolin Wing-Chun Chuan)

Shaolin Wing – Chun Chuan is a fast and explosive classic Chinese Kung Fu system. After only a few lessons on system-specific practices, pupils are equipped with the skills necessary to assert themselves in conflict situations.

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