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The Little Feminists Club

The group is concerned with issues of equality and equity the world over and has in the past raised money and awareness through a variety of community actions.

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Video Production Skills for Youtube and Social Media

In this course, students will learn: basic video production skills for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram (and how they differ), potential career paths in social media, how reality often differs from what people show online (and how to audit it).

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Yoga for Middle School

During this yoga class we will work with our body and breathing to support our mind on its way to relaxation. 

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FIS Band

The FIS band is the place for all Grade 5 to 12 instrumentalists! All brass, woodwind, percussion and keyboard instruments are welcome in this group.

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Karate for Kids

Would you like to have fun and improve your agility, coordination and concentration? Mr. Rehwald will teach you karate moves as well as its rules and discipline.

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