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BMX Course

The Cycle Training BMX School will teach you how to ride a BMX bike!

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Girls Football

Girls will develop basic/intermediate skills that will help with the understanding of football and will have a chance to apply them on mini games.

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French Club

In this club, the children will learn French while having fun through songs, crafts activities, games, books, cartoons and two friendly hand puppets!

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Science Club

Grade 4 and 5 pupils, are you interested in science and doing experiments? Join the FIS Science Club!

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Art Club

We will be learning and experimenting together to make your individual art work to take home and you will also have the opportunity to work on larger scale art work as an art club team.

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Karate for Kids

Would you like to have fun and improve your agility, coordination and concentration? Mr. Wittmann will teach you karate moves as well as its rules and discipline.

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