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Spanish Club

Join the Spanish Club to discover the language that over 500 million people speak!

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Chess Club G3-5

Why do chess pieces look so uninterested? Because they’re part of a board game. But Chess is nothing but boring! We will be taking an in depth look at Chess, the rules, each of the pieces and put you on your way of becoming a Chess Master.

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In this course we will get to know the basic steps and rules of classical ballet and work on our posture, our flexibility and our musicality.

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German Club for G4-6

The purpose of the German Club is to bring students closer to German culture, to practice and improve their oral skills.

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Music Visions

“Music Visions” serves as a music enrichment program for students who identify as musically high-performing.

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Crafts Corner

Experiment and be creative! Improve your motor skills, while cutting and gluing stuff. Unleash your creativity, but be ready to get your hands sticky!

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BMX Course

The Cycle Training BMX School will teach you how to ride a BMX bike!

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