Grade 8 exploration of the Documentation Center: fascination and terror


On Friday, November 24, 2017 the Grade 8 students went to explore the Documentation Center in Nuremberg. The focus of the trip was to allow our Grade 8 class the chance to have a hands-on experience with history and the role of propaganda. Students attended a session entitled: “Propaganda – manipulated fascination”, focusing on the role of propaganda in conveying ideas and indoctrinating a population. This is connected to the Grade 8’s current unit in Individuals & Societies: How societies are governed.

Below you will find a set of reflections that the students completed on the bus ride home from this meaningful experience.

“I learned so much walking through these historic buildings and seeing how propaganda could create such a terrible community.”

“I made connections between the propaganda techniques we discussed in class and the posters we saw in the museum. I know I couldn’t have learned many of these things in a textbook or in class.”

“I found it interesting seeing papers, pictures, and videos from the time period. I was interested in how Germany has changed so much from this time. Propaganda was a powerful tool.”

“This trip made me feel quite sad and made me reflect. I now understand how propaganda was used in World War II but I still want to know how it really changed the behavior of so many people.”

Nicholas Kolentse
MS Dean of Students

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