Grade 8-12 Ballet Visit


The Upper Secondary Music department offers opportunities for students to attend a variety of music concerts throughout the school year. The purpose of these visits is to expose students to the wide variety of music and musical contexts that exist. This past Saturday, a group of students visited a ballet performance that was performed with the music of Igor Stravinsky. Most of the students had never been to see a ballet before, and most had never heard of the composer Stravinsky – so through this experience they now have a better understanding of music from the early 20th century as well as how this music is used in the context of modern dance.

Grade 8 student Alisa Toporova shares her thoughts: “Even though the performance itself seemed very strange and bizarre, everyone still enjoyed it! I was fascinated to see how these non-danceable pieces of music were combined with contemporary movements, and how the dancers interpreted the music – especially the second part with its terrifying screams and yelling, that made the audience gasp. I would really love to visit a show like this one more time.”

For questions or if you would like to know more, please contact , FIS Music teacher.

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