Grade 6 living museum


Over the last few weeks, Grade 6 was given an assignment in Individuals and Societies to research about the Middle Ages. Grade 6 studied about the Black Death, the feudal system and the daily life in Middle Ages. When we finished researching, we got to choose from a variety of types of jobs in the Middle Ages for our living museum exhibition. We found many sources for our character from the school Library and internet. We learned how to find, cite and use reliable information in the library from our school Librarian Ms. Burns. We were given a worksheet where we had to write down what we saw, thought, and wondered from our sources and wrote research journal entries based on the worksheet. We wrote three research journal entries. We also wrote Jane Schaffer paragraphs explaining our roles in the Middle Ages society to display in our living museum.

On Thursday, March 22, we finally presented our living museum to parents, teachers and some students in the FIS Aula. There were stalls in different categories, for example, the art, the church, nobility, etc. We brought objects and costumes that represented our character. We were in character and explained to visitors who we were for an hour. We answered questions and tried to give each visitor a snapshot of what life was like in this society. All of us were tired, but we tried our best to explain to visitors and stay in our role. We had fun, but it was challenging not knowing what people would ask us. Even though it was our first time presenting our knowledge in this way, we all felt successful.

Meghna, Shreyaa and Yoonji
Grade 6 students

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