Grade 3 IPC Exit Point, Young Entrepreneurs

Earlier in the year, Grade 3 explored the concept of being a ‘Young Entrepreneur’ as part of the IPC curriculum. This unit had students discovering what a business is and what makes a successful business, while also introducing the design cycle. The students, as a cohort, brainstormed possible business prospects with the intention of making a positive impact within our local community.

Conscious of the importance of spreading the message to encourage good hand washing, Grade 3 students decided to create a soap making business. The students spoke with an expert within our local community about how soap can be made and each class applied for a 100 euro loan from Mr. Thomas Heinrich to purchase the necessary materials. Before they could start producing a product, the students needed to collect data from the target audience about their preferences on price, scents, colors, and shapes. Just as the classes were beginning to create their soap, COVID and lockdown stuck, leaving the classes in limbo yet again. Upon the return of the students to in-person learning, the soap was created and the students planned their sales strategy. A successful morning and afternoon of sales for Grade 3, led to over 700 euros being raised. After business expenses were paid, this left the student with a profit of over 500 euros.

After much empathetic deliberation, the students decided they wanted to show their appreciation for people who have worked so hard to help keep everyone at the FIS healthy and safe this year. The three classes made posters and signs to say thank you to the people who have helped with the on-site Corona testing, including FIS staff members and employees from the Kolibri Apotheke. To further support the local community, some of the money raised by the soap sales was used to purchase gift vouchers from Mr. Bleck which were included in thank you cards for all of the volunteers as a way of showing our appreciation for their time and efforts.

With the remaining money, the Grade 3 classes decided to support other efforts for COVID relief. A member of the Red Cross Erlangen community was invited to the school on Monday, June 21st to be presented with a cheque for 400 euros. The Erlangen Red Cross was selected as the charity of choice because of their commitment to offer free PCR tests, among other various humanitarian efforts that are being done for our local community. The remaining money is set to be shared between the Oxfam India COVID relief fund and an internal school project. The students, with the assistance of Mr. Harvey Greener and the CAS students, will look at revamping various spaces within the school to create a more kid friendly and exciting environment for our Primary School students to enjoy at recess and lunch.

We’re all extremely thankful for the support we received from the FIS community who purchased soap from the Grade 3 classes. Without your generous support the students would not have had the successful experience that they have had this year.

Grade 3 Students and Teachers

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