Grade 12 Geography Trip to Budapest


Grade 12 is a year filled with deadlines, despite this, the Geographers traveled to Budapest for a few days of data collection for their Diploma Programme Internal Assessment (worth 25% of their final grade at Standard Level). This year Students are researching the impact of tourism on the city of Budapest, it’s carrying capacity and ability to cope with tourism growth and the spatial distribution of tourist and leisure facilities in relation to urban land use models.

The group arrived Sunday afternoon and immediately started to practice their sampling style and skills. Monday morning through to 18:00, students gathered data on land use through RICEPOTS surveys (Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Entertainment, Public building, Open space, Transport and Services), environmental quality and tourist interviews. A mammoth effort from the Grade 12 consisting of excellent navigation and teamwork, efficient use of public transport and sunny conditions enabled the students to finish data collection early. Due to their efficiency we were able to enjoy the arts and history the city offered with visits to the National Gallery, National Museum, Ferenc Hopp Museum for Asiatic Arts, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center and relaxed at the thermal baths.

Now that the data is collected the hard work begins to process around 55 sample sites (approximately 400m each) and 50 tourist interviews. Students will be using advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to show the spatial distribution of their data before statistical analysis and evaluations.

Plenty of memories made, dreams of sampling had and behaviour worth of role model status. Thanks to Ms. Jasper for her support and assistance with logistics and to the Grade 12 Geographers for all their efforts so far!

Scott Simpson
High School Geography Teacher and CAS Coordinator

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