GISST spring season


GISST Basketball

Congratulations to our Basketball teams on another great season with some lows and then highs. In Berlin, the U14 Girls finished 5th and won the Sportsmanship Award, while the boys played really well to finish in 3rd place taking the bronze medal back home from Düsseldorf. Our Varsity Girls once again struggled with injuries on day one in Stuttgart but on the second day brought it back to 6th place and also won the Sportsmanship Award. Finally, after some very close games, the Varsity Boys finished 10th at the extremely strong tournament in München.

Well done everyone! We are so proud of you!

GISST spring season 2018

Please note that the following activities will be on offer for the GISST spring season 2018:

  • U14 Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • U14 and Varsity Track and Field
  • Interschool Pre-season Cross Country
  • Varsity Boys and Girls Pre-Season Volleyball
  • Varsity Boys Pre-season Football
  • U14 Boys Pre-season Football
  • U14 and Varsity Girls Pre-season Football (combined)
  • U14 and Varsity Pre-season Badminton

Please see the GISST training schedule for the spring season below for more information.

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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