Big Cat Readers


Anticipation was building among Liana, Alice, and Anna (all G4), rendezvousing at the front of the line of a hundred or more G1 – 5 students looking forward to entering the school at 8:20 to exchange their home readers. Their reading choices spanned the spectrum, from captivating tales of sea turtles to the timeless classic, “Great Expectations.” Alice and Anna mentioned they read their selected book aloud with their moms, and even a kitchen makes for a great reading space. A spirited conversation ensued, touching on the varying levels of reading difficulty presented by their chosen books. Yet, the consensus remained steadfast: regardless of the complexity, they all got joy from reading!

The Collins Big Cat Home Reading Program got off to a great start, with many kids exploring different books from the selection at 8:20 and making their way to their homerooms by 8:25 in the knowledge they will get to read their chosen books at home. Thank you to all parents for your support and partnership in this program. The excitement from this week will soon settle into an everyday routine, which will become part of the school culture for years to come. If your child hasn’t been sharing their books with you yet, we encourage you to ask them about the books and how they enjoyed reading them.

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