Grade 5 IPC Unit Here and Now, There and Then


Last week Grade 5 celebrated their Exit Point for the unit ‘Here and Now, There and Then’. During the unit they learned about the Geography and History of Germany, and about their Home Country or Adopted Country.

In preparation for the Exit Point, the students used the knowledge gained throughout the topic, to create a showcase presentation to share with other students and parents. Students worked in groups based on their Home Countries. For students who are dual-nationality, they had the opportunity to pick one country they were most interested in.

Student Reflections

Zoya (Grade 5A) commented, “I had fun working with other people from different classes and enjoyed learning about different countries. I think I was a good critical thinker. Next time, I would like to be more resilient when presenting.”

Amber (Grade 5B) commented, “It was very exciting to teach people things about my Home Country. It was great to see how many people came. I hope that they learned something new.”

Henry (Grade 5C) commented, “I enjoyed that so many people wanted to listen to me and learn about my country, Australia. I learned new facts about my Home Country, such as the longitude and latitude.”

Eli (Grade 5C) commented, “I thought it was nice working in a group because we could share our knowledge with each other. I really enjoyed that we could bring in food from our Home Country because it was nice to share with people who weren’t from the USA.”

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