G4 Trip to Pottenstein

G4 students have been inquiring into ways rivers play a vital role in shaping the geography of our planet and also provide nutrients, habitats, and transport for people, plants, and animals. To experience this in an authentic context, G4 set off on an incredible three-day residential adventure to Pottenstein.

Our first stop was the Wild Park Hundshaupten, where students discovered how observing animals can help teach us about designing ecologically friendly ways to heat and cool our homes. G4 teacher Jennifer Cromme noted this remarkable connection to our previous curriculum unit where students designed their own sustainable island.

Students also experienced an unforgettable canoeing trip down the picturesque Wiesent River. Working in teams, they navigated the river while discussing its features, flora, and fauna. Grade 4 student Mackenzie Sole said, “The canoe trip really improved our teamwork and at the same time it was super fun!”

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to the thrilling Sommerrodelbahn, the Teufelshöhle, and another wonderful team building experience at the Pottenstein Kletterwald.

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